A Full Integration of Mautic and Shopify

A Full Integration
 of Mautic and Shopify


Synch All Contacts to Mautic

Synch all contact from your Shopify store over to Mautic in one shot. Contacts who abandoned carts will also be synched to your Mautic instance.


Real Time Customer Details Synch 

As soon as customer place an order on your shopify store all the customer data, like name, email, location will be pushed over to Mautic Instance.


Tag Contacts As Buyers

All contacts those purchased any product from your store will be tagged as "Buyers" inside of your Mautic instance. 


Tag Contacts as Cart Abandoners

All contacts those abandoned cart at your store will be tagged as "Cart Abandoner" inside of your Mautic instance. 


Collection Name Tags for Buyers

All the buyers will be tagged with the collection name from which they purchased the item from along with tag "Buyer".


Collection Name Tag for Cart Abandoners

People who abandoned cart will also be labeled with collection name they abandoned the product from along with tag "Cart Abandoner"

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